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      德國IWIS開發出用于監控鏈條拉伸長度的CCM設備     使用視頻下載  http://pan.baidu.com/s/1miJJc6G

      Maintenance and monitoring of chain drives
      Maintenance intervals and choice of chain technology
      Controlling the chain length
      More information about maintenance
      Pioneering monitoring of chain drives – iwis CCM
      Introduction and customer benefits
      Display of elongation status
      Design development
      Operating conditions
      Recommendations for use / application description
      Warning function CCM
      Limits of using CCM
      Product website and product flyer
      Product movie
      Further expansion stages

      What to do?

      Detect general condition
      Rate lubrication condition
      Measure chain length
      Check chain tension
      Check for damages

      There is no all-encompassing applicable formula for calculating the maintenance interval under certain conditions and the maintenance scope.
      The different chain applications are too specific.
      Practical experience from the application are often the better way to determine the right interval and scope.

      Key topic at chain maintenance?
      Achieve an optimum lubrication condition of the chain to minimize the wear elongation
      poor lubrication manifests itself through increased wear in the chain link and thus connected in the chain wear elongation


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